IRC is the so called "Internet Underground." Well there's still lots of IDIOTS and MORONS on there. So heres some stupid things people say on IRC:

[16:01] *SexGunz* what's ur point? fags get more head than u ever will - and we swallow

[21:12] SixGunz: u have to be gay
[21:12] SixGunz: like me

[18:14] FugaziRep: what is the best thing to use to play cd with???????

[18:25] JaZZyJaY: what's a good song to download? I need new music
[18:25] |OX-45|: get that one that has that guitar in it, you know, and the drums and shit
[18:25] |OX-45|: that one rules
[18:26] JaZZyJaY: that one with the dude singing?
[18:26] |OX-45|: yeah yeah
[18:27] JaZZyJaY: sweet, I'll get it

[20:55] Mr_LcD: im gay
[20:55] Mr_LcD: oh wait
[20:55] Mr_LcD: NO

[20:26] Mr_LcD: i gtg to k-mart right now! peace

[20:59] OOBarba: got it from my calender for vegetarians

[17:04] nero-X: brad has a crush on me, thus the apparent hostility he uses to cover his true feelings

[22:41] nero-X: there should be an iq test b4 you can download mirc

[19:57] _fabian: how do you download stuff????

[19:17] elah0: check this out
P00F: i have it
P00F: its on my website
[19:18] elah0: rofl
[19:18] elah0: rofl
[19:18] elah0: thats your website?
P00F: yea
[19:18] elah0: rofl
[19:18] elah0: thats where i got it from
P00F: haha u sent me something from my own webpage...

[16:03] Keglo: im small down there hi I'm looking for Jenna Jameson videos, please msg

[17:50] Allia-: [Pyche] I love you, you love me. We're a happy family!

[13:06] * Allia- strokes beashi's thing.

[21:12] Allia-: Just super-glue some ass hairs to your chin. That's what my bro-in-law does.
[21:13] Allia-: [P00F] Shit. Disregard that

[22:57] Allia-: I can't get enough of that guy!

[22:29] Bookoo: How many black ppl are here?

[14:08] Surfer007: im going to cry guys
[14:08] Surfer007: stop it
[14:12] Surfer007: you guys arent very nice

[23:45] Dew-It: don't know if that one is ther but here sure as hell has alot pron on it.

[20:45] beashi: GOD I LOVE PORK RIGNS

[22:42] Kojak-: "so navi = divx right"
[22:42] Kojak-: hmm i didnt get kicked
[22:42] *** Kojak- was kicked by WckdJestr (The makers of DIVX can suck my Wicked Cock -Wkd Thght-)

[00:54] elah: i'm raping my hd
[00:54] BananKing: thats nice

[23:02] MrLithium: does IMDB have porn movie info???

[16:36] jamfool10: what does screener mean next to the title of a movie?
[16:36] MrHat: that it is a screener

[21:29] Violence2: So does anyone know where to get wreslting videos, or porn

[00:24] bunge: i cant stop
[00:24] bunge: i am spinning

[20:11] segundo: lithium-just shoot all yer neighbors, cable will improve

[23:24] Bad_Brad1: ass, I'd Smack The SHIT Out Of You

[18:21] adum: i keep a unicorn in my pocket

[19:57] Drive|: im pretty sensitive

[20:48] Drivel: Fuck im one hard core gay
[20:48] Drivel: i represent the homos
[20:48] Drivel: power to my ppl!

[13:46] {@Louca} yot i wanted it longer

[00:09] MrXtreme: i wonder if any1 fucked their grandma b4

[01:28] ^THANATOS: how do you download a computer?

[20:53] tOddO: u got me.. wat kinda porn would u like?
[20:53] tOddO: we got animals

[01:19] tOddO: im drooling

[22:17] tOddO: im so sick of this wart

[23:52] FiveHT: alll by myseeeeeeeeeelf
[23:52] FiveHT: dn't wanna be

[18:20] T_Montana: movieguru, i'm feeling you

[04:13] Hiiidyho: god.....the ques are packed tonight like an ass in san fransico

[18:33] astr|ftw: hey f00p.. u got the divx?`
F00P: i deleted it
[18:34] astr|ftw: what for?!
[18:34] astr|ftw: i wanted it
F00P: it was weird
[18:34] astr|ftw: i know where u live man
F00P: heh
[18:34] astr|ftw: im gonna rape your pet bird
F00P: omg
F00P: no!
[18:35] astr|ftw: im gonna do it
[18:35] astr|ftw: i swear
F00P: shit...
F00P: hide
[18:35] astr|ftw: and ill stab him in the head with a sneaker

[21:31] Spyder17: powerade's website is so fucking slow

[20:57] Tiffany-: i mean, really.. there's nothing quite like a crinkly nutsac..

[02:09] PurrNaK: anyone wanna read a poem?

[13:11] StrvnMrvn: i got diarea

[00:14] THX-1138: im female whe i dress-up

[20:33] {+big_al} can i do my fish impersination

[01:44] {lukangboy} as long as I can ban people I'm happy

[17:55] {tweety_} anyone got smurf porn???

[22:07] W00DyDH: my ass is tight and gonna stay that way

[01:24] {+wckdiAbLo} i like having sex with guys

[02:37] {Ankh} !triggers are gay..
[02:37] *** Allia sets mode: +b *!*Ankh@*
[02:37] *** Ankh was kicked by Allia (|SMR|no !triggers|)

Kailin: u wanna recommend me a free web space server
Hawk: spaceports
Hawk: unlimited space
Kailin: for creating web page
Hawk: yep
Hawk: spaceports
Hawk: yea
Hawk: ok
Kailin: but it's under construction
Kailin: how come u're so slow
Hawk: dont be gay.
Kailin: gay?????? who?????
Kailin: i mean why your connection is so slow
Hawk: i'm just not paying attention to what you say i'm doing other things at the same time
Hawk: heard of "doing two things at once"?
Kailin: what do you mean?????

[23:29] {DrHambrgr} Don't be gey <--- is that really a rule? Cause I was just about to be gey...

[19:34] {DrHambrgr} F00P: j00 4r3 |
[19:34] {DrHambrgr} F00P: j00 4r3 |\
[19:34] {DrHambrgr} keep hitting enter...I give up
[19:34] {DrHambrgr} I'm not typing well, I'm not |33t

[14:00] {Por_Que2k} what are tvs though?
[14:01] {PiKa_P} a tv is something you watch shows on

[19:59] *** Joins: Budguy68 (budguy68@
[20:00] {Budguy68} hello this thing on
[20:00] {Budguy68} huh?
[20:01] {Budguy68} any girls in here
[20:01] {Budguy68} !list

[17:21] {b[0]n[E]z} we need more voodoo around this place

[22:37] {@b[0]nZZzz} i will be completely honest
[22:37]{@b[0]nZZzz} i masturbated in algebra class
[22:37] {@b[0]nZZzz} i just discovered the manual stimulation via jeans pocket thing
[22:38] {@nero-} b[0]nZZzz couldnt you wait till after?
[22:38] {@b[0]nZZzz} nero it was kinda spontaneous

[22:14] guig: i m french and i have a problem man
[22:14] guig: i dowload evangelion but the type of the file is a .r00 why?????

[18:48] {+GoldCoin} hey is the hentai with lots of monster and long dicks

[23:56] {@theman} you want to take this chan over?
[23:56] {+cmann} theman: i dont want to take over this chan
[23:56] {@theman} hrmmm
[23:57] {+cmann} i'm telling you that i am semen
[23:57] {+cmann} the master of cum

[23:25] {@Goblez} sl0th--: dont u eat frosted flakes?
[23:25] {@Goblez} 7 nutritious elemnts

[11:16] {@sl0th} r u barbie girl?

[20:19] {@Omni_Werk} whot he fuck using screen saver passowrdsa ny6ways?
[20:20] {@Omni_Werk} i have no diea wut i sjut wrote

[17:47] *** Joins: CumStain (
[17:47] {CumStain} !list
[17:47] *** Parts: CumStain (
[17:52] {@DaDoc} hmm...i wish cumstains were that easy to get rid of

[02:09] {@BadJon} i touch

[23:05] {BaBo_FiSH} anyone here know how to make RaidenFTPD insert NFOs into uploaded files?
[23:11] {BaBo_FiSH} oh ok
[23:12] {BaBo_FiSH} well.. anyone want to touch my penis?
[23:15] {BaBo_FiSH} I HATE YOU ALL
[23:15] * BaBo_FiSH swims into his castle and crys

[00:30] {@NiteHawk^} lets go wank

[22:43] {@BlinkBlad} how is a m3u file made?
[22:44] Tasuki: its magical
[22:45] {@BlinkBlad} oh
[22:45] {@BlinkBlad} how can I do magic?
[22:46] Tasuki: you have to suck the magic cock
[22:47] Tasuki: few are willing to do so
[22:47] {@BlinkBlad} oh I gotta think about that

[21:21] {Break`Zzz} sailor moon... heh i use to skip luch everyday to watch that.

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