This page is just my downloads section continued. Most of the cool stuff I have are on this previous page: 15 more megs of uploading space, here we go.

thumbnails of some renders

Explorer.jpg 443KB - My 3rd bryce rendering (2-9-2000). I think this is my best work so far.
watermark.bmp 9KB - This is the simple logo that I put on each of my videos/artworks.
KareninsVilla.jpg 389KB - While reading the book Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy I imagined what their summer villa would look like, and this is the best that I can come up with. Don't look into it in detail because I'm not particularly proud of this one due the limitations Bryce has when you want to create vegetation, but enjoy it. Watch the movie and read the book (long but very good).
WestGermany.jpg 461KB - Well I never been to Germany so how am I supposed to know what it looks like? Just wanted to create a picture with forests and Germany is known for them. This one took me about 6 hours to design and render.
DarkCastle.jpg 98KB - This is one of a series of wallpapers I made for myself a while back. All I did was in Paint Shop Pro, put a hot wax coating over a picture of some French or German castle and with a few clicks, made it look pretty cool.
EuropeanForest.jpg 398KB - Again when it comes to making forests, Bryce is not great... I'm trying, however. But this isn't too bad, and you might actually like it. This one is coming from a different perspective than previous ones I did.
GondorInWinter.jpg 298KB - I think this is one of the better ones I've done. Surprisingly it took hours less than crappier ones I made. That's all cuz I took the tree texture from this guy called Wenger or something, and it made making forests so much easier. Anyway, I'll make another snow + mountain + forest image that's better than this one.
Quotes - Stupid things people say on IRC... updated often.
MayIHelpYou.jpg 159KB - Well I couldn't really come up with a name for this and while I was watching a movie I heard this line and thought it was good enough. The light ray took me 2 hours to do because its shape and position was so hard to control and its ordinary volume textures don't show up unless you modify them a lot.
TolkiensMordor.jpg 291KB - This is my vision of the land of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings. I seem to remember a tower of fire or a pillar of fire somewhere in that trilogy.
Intro2.mpg 1.7MB - This is the second made-from-scratch video I've made. It's done for someone else however and the background music is Moby's remix of the James Bond theme.
intro3-mk.mpg 2.7MB - Another video, cooler than Intro2. Background music is "It Has Begun" from Mortal Kombat. Rendering time is a bitch! 36 hours I think.
FortressoftheBehemoth.jpg 195KB - Just look at it. It's pretty much my second attempt at creating a darker image.
RussianDusk.jpg 318KB - I think this is really beautiful. I first wanted to make a brighter pic but the pinks I accidentally put on the sky made me change my mind. (RENAME TO VIDTOASF.EXE) 76.2KB - This is not a zip file! Anyway if you don't know what this file does, don't get it because you won't need it :)
bps-sflogo.jpg 59KB - Logos (especially ones for my school) are not something that I'm really fond of, but I kinda made it a little more interesting by doing it in Bryce. Then, as you can probably figure, the text was done in Photoshop. Tried the text in Bryce but couldn't get it in the right rotational position.
BSCIntro.mpg 910KB - Finally made an intro for myself. Very short, and I don't even know if I ever will attach it to any of my encodes. BG music is Break Stuff, high energy in my opinion.
speed2.jpg 107KB - More mad fast cable speeds (laffs to 2mbps-786kbps DSL and 56kers).
ludicrousspeed.jpg 128KB - This speed is absolutely ridiculous. IP addresses and XDCC bot nicks have been removed to protect the innocent.
AsianPride-GotRice.mp3 1.6MB - Some Asian Pride shit.

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