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FFPray.mp3 2.1MB - Yep, another low quality mp3 for you. Final Fantasy song in Japanese, it's a recurring theme in the game series.
PacificFront.jpg - Bryce render. A storm approaches the North American Pacific Coast.
ForgottenRealm.jpg - I tried to create another icy image finally. I think this turned out pretty well. It was pretty bland at first cuz all I had was some terrains and what better to capture the stark mood of the arctic than an abandoned castle.
ArcticNight.jpg - Stark and brillant. It's like Northern Alaska at night during the summer. Everything texture was done from scratch here.
Sealogo (Larger version) - A logo I made for myself, Circa helped with the borders.
RiverValley.jpg - Inspired by a visit to Epcot, saw this one really cool videowith a nice landscape. 2.1MB - mIRC script. My edit of iPolaris. 3.7MB - A leaked custom build by VV of the freeware program VirtualDub. Capable of producing mixed MPEG4 and variable keyframe interval AVI's. The SBC vdub is out which is better than this...however it was public since March 2001.
ULspeed.jpg - Probably the fastest I've uploaded to someone outside a LAN on my own computer. This kind of speed was sustained for about 3 minutes before network congestion took it down to 100k or so...
Kagero.jpg - I was surprised that you couldn't find a single wallpaper of Ninja Scroll anywhere! So I made my own, depicting the ninja girl Kagero cutting off her own hair. I redid this one for people using 1024x768 These wallpapers are based on DVD caps from
Kagero2.jpg - Not as good as the first but this one is 1024x768 for those who use higher resolutions. And if you like multiple colors in a wallpaper ;) this one is also for you.
NinjaScroll.jpg - A general Ninja Scroll wallpaper, featuring both Jubei and Kagero.. ummm... emphasis on Kagero ;)
PSME.jpg - A Please Save My Earth wallpaper. The best thing about this anime is its art. This wallpaper is created in the same way Kagero.jpg was.